Among Us and the Silver Tongued Betrayal

Among Us is a ten player murder mystery game that takes you to the stars, where you can eject your liar friends into outer space. Playing as the Crew has you taking on simple tasks to maintain the ship. Look out though! There is an Impostor on board who wants you all dead. The goal of the game for Crewmates is to find out who the Impostor is and kick him off the ship. The goal of the Impostor is to be the last man standing. 

As the Impostor you are given special tools for your nefarious purposes. You can damage the air system to distract crew members. You can travel through the air ducts, and finally you can outright kill the players when necessary. The most powerful option you have though is not something in game. The best weapon you have is your own silver tongue. That’s because Among Us makes conversation part of the game. What you say into your microphone can help or hinder your chances of survival.

How can you get people to trust you? Are you going to stay quiet or opt for being pushy? In one scenario, the louder person is able to push everyone to vote someone else off the ship. Sometimes it’s not the loudest though. I have also seen matches where the Impostor is actually completely silent  and suddenly everyone starts to grow suspicious of the loud guy who is barking accusations!

This may not be a surprise, but human memory is bad. So bad we can be tricked into remembering things that did not happen. As the Impostor, you can play on people’s memory of events as they try to put the blame on you, “No that wasn’t me walking behind you, it was someone else.”

Finally the last thing you want to do is make yourself look guilty. You need to be prepared to make accusations and protect your own reputation in this vocal duel. 

The crazy thing about all of this is how easy it can be to manipulate people against each other. Remember to look out for people being too quiet or loud. Be careful not to sound too flustered or you will incriminate yourself, and most importantly, remember that this is just a game, but it’s not too different from how people will act in the real world.

The lesson from this game? Keep in mind that the tongue is small but mighty. In real life, it is wrong to reach our goals with lies and deceit. Yet, when dealing with people, it is important to keep our wits about us and make sure what we say is not the equivalent of stabbing ourselves in the back.

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