The Catharsis of Fall Guys

Let’s talk about what makes Fall Guys so popular. This cute Ninja warrior style  game has popped up onto our feeds and our hearts as we try to get past 2020. With its wacky colorful levels and bombastic party music, it’s easy to see why it became a hit. Not including the fact that it was free on the PS4 for some time, I think there is something else that makes this game so attractive.

As things are now we are not out of the woods with the coronavirus. I feel like things have become more clear at least on what needs to be done. Besides wearing masks we are constantly reminded to socially distance. There are no more tight subway rides through the city or waiting in line for lunch at the deli. It’s all gone and has been gone for some time. Fall Guys allows us to experience it all again.

Every level in Fall Guys has you tripping, bumping, and grabbing your opponents. Door Dash feels like running for the subway during rush hour. Perfect Match finds you getting up close with other players to not get knocked off platforms. Finally, Royal Fumble has all of the players fighting to get close to one player and then grab them! 

What really sets Fall Guys apart in 2020 is catharsis. At this time when it’s hard to be close to  people, Fall Guys gives us a reminder of what it’s like to be in a crowd again. And then it reminds you why you hate being close to so many people at once, especially when it’s your third time losing Door Dash because some punk keeps grabbing at you to slow you down.Punk.

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